We are real people with real lives. Please scroll through below to learn a little bit more about all of us. You may be surprised at how unique all our lives are.

Justin Jarboe

  1. I was a firefighter for 8 years and resigned as a lieutenant
  2. I've been bobsledding on the fastest Olympic track
  3. I almost died when I was born
  4. I completely bankrupt myself in 2013 and was $150k in the hole
  5. I founded a 501c3 non profit in 2013

Alicia Jarboe

  1. I moved to Seattle by myself for 2-1/2 years for art school and have an interior design degree
  2. Without modern-day medicine, it's possible myself and/or my son could have died during childbirth
  3. I bought a stick shift car when I was 20 before I knew how to drive stick shift
  4. I danced for six years as a child and have resumed adult tap dancing for the last three years
  5. I was valedictorian of my high school class

Kathleen Kelly

  1. I was an extra in the movie Blown Away. They were casting redheads!
  2. I lived and worked in Washington DC for three years after college
  3. I married my college sweetheart and have four wonderful children
  4. I'm scared of birds
  5. I love to cook and entertain


  1. I had a poem published in 5th grade after winning a student contest
  2. I've had type 1 diabetes since 2014
  3. I played the flute in Middle and High school
  4. I'm an amateur adrenaline junkie who loves roller coasters
  5. I worked in Hospitality for 10 years