Do's and Dont's of financing

During the processing of your loan, there are certain Do's and Dont's to follow. These start after you get your pre-qualification letter. They will remain in effect until you close on the house and it is recorded with the town.

Make sure you Don't:

  1. Quit your job or get another job unless it is in the same line of work and for equal or more money. Please call your lender if this occurs.
  2. Allow anyone to make an inquiry on your credit report.
  3. Change bank accounts or transfer money within your existing bank accounts.
  4. Co-sign for anyone.
  5. Purchase an auto or take on any additional debt.
  6. Purchase any other real estate.
  7. Apply for credit anywhere or complete any other credit application.
  8. Charge any additional debt on any current credit.
  9. Start any home improvements that are not a condition of the loan.

Makre sure you do:

  1. Keep all accounts current, mortgages, car payments, credit cards, etc.
  2. Please call me any time a question may arise.
  3. Keep copies of all paycheck stubs and any statements on bills being paid off through this loan.
  4. Make payments on all accounts on or before the due date, even if the account is being paid off with your new loan.