Our Home Buying Process

Every agent does things a little bit differently, has his/her own pet peeves and like working with different kinds of people. Here at the Jarboe group we truly care for our clients.

Consider If Buying a Home Is Right for You

Are you really ready to buy a home? Lot's of people have fears about the home buying process, but not all of them are justified. It's better to review all the pro's and con's before you are under contract.

  • Look at your options. You should copare Renting vs. Buying. You might decide that renting is better for you.
  • There are lots of benefits to buying and owning real estate; keep these in mind if you start to get cold feet.
  • Should you buy a home before getting married? If you are buying a home with a partner or significant other before tying the knot, you need to think ahead and consider potential financial consequences.
  • Ask yourself if you plan to stay with the same job or remain in the same city. If you're a carefree person who desires the ability to move elsewhere should the urge hit, you might not be able to leave on a whim or quit your job if you own a home.

Need help working through any of these with us? We are happy to sit down with you and talk about your wants, needs, concerns, and help you reach whatever decision is the right one for you and your needs.

Finding the right buyer's agent to help you

Whatever you do, don't do it alone.

Think buying a home is easy? Think again. It's not as easy as it looks, especially if this is your first time. You will benefit tremendously from the use of a professional. More importantly, agents often see all of the new listings before they are publicized.

Fun Fact

As a buyer, you do not pay for this service. At closing when you buy a home, the seller generally pays the buyers agent fee.

Saw a house you liked? Don't just call the agent on the listing. You won't get individual representation as the agent would be representing both you and the seller. This is not ideal as you would either receive neutral representation or none at all.

So how do you find an agent? Asking for recommendations from a friend in the area is a great place to start. You can read agent reviews online, search engine queries, and look at agent websites.

How to tell if my agent knows what he/she is talking about? It is daunting interviewing agents, but a necessary process. One important place to look is on an agent's website. More often than not an agent has a blog in which you can see market updates and many more relevant posts to help buyers and sellers.

  • Hiring a buyers agent will benefit you. They represent only you and have a fiduciary responsibility to look out for your best interests.
  • Agents will ask you to sign a buyer's broker agreement. The nice thing is that as a buyer you don't pay this fee! It's odd, but generally the seller will pay for your agent.
  • Interview! Interveiw! Interview! It's your job to find an agent with whom you feel comfortable with and can trust. Just having a real estate license is no guarantee that an agent is competent. Try to hire someone who is competent, not just a friend.
  • When you know an area in which you want to live, try to find an agent who specializes there and is constantly selling homes in the area. That agent will have more knowledge and be better prepared to advise you on your home purchase.


  1. Contact Us so we can schedule an in depth consultation. No matter if you are pre-qualified for a mortgage or not, we have your back every step of the way.
  2. We will conduct a thorough buyers consultation where some of the many topics discussed include; your financial situation, referrals to lenders/banks, wants vs needs analysis, a current market snapshot, and the buying process.
  3. Get your pre-qualification letter / proof of funds prepared.
  4. Come back into the office to search for homes with Justin, and set up a very unique targeted algorithm search of the MLS of only homes that interest you. We will then print out a list of the top findings for you to leave with.
  5. Conduct drive by's of homes you are considering to make sure you like the area and the home in person.
  6. Let us know which homes you like so we can schedule in person viewings.
  7. View homes and rate them.
  8. Once we find the place to call home, we prepare an offer for you and you put an initial deposit down.
  9. If your offer is accepted, you are now Under Agreement. Congratulations!!
  10. Conduct inspections.
  11. Meet with attorney and sign a purchase and sale agreement. An additional deposit is due now.
  12. Continue working with bank to get a loan commitment (bank approval of the loan).
  13. Sign final disclosures.
  14. Schedule closing.
  15. Go to closing (bring two forms of photo ID).
  16. Sign closing documents.
  17. Documents get recorded at the Registry of Deeds.
  18. Get your keys and move in!!
Always Professional. Always Helpful. Always with Integrity.