Instructions for Completing this Evaluation: 1. Both the Team member & their Supervisor should complete this form prior to the annual performance review. 2. TC will schedule your review and print two copies. 3. The goal of this form is to provide information from which the team member and the supervisor, working together, can create goals and action plans. 4. The Team member & Supervisor should read what the other has written about the Team member and discuss each performance factor in detail. PERFORMANCE FACTORS EXPLAINED: Each team member is to be evaluated on the given performance factors using the following rating scheme: 5 pts – Consistently Exceeds Expectations Team member displays at all times, without exception, a consistently high level of factor related skills, abilities, initiative, and productivity. All assignments/responsibilities are completed far beyond the level of expectation. Initiative and self-direction are characteristic. 4 pts – Often Exceeds Expectations Team member displays a high level of factor related skills, abilities, initiative, and productivity, exceeding requirements in some areas, but not consistently and/or not without exception. 3 pts – Meets Expectations Team member maintains an effective and consistent level of performance of the job factor under review. Work output regularly at desired or required levels of outcomes or expectations. Challenges or errors are reported and corrected quickly. 2 pts – Some Improvement Needed Team member at this level displays inconsistency in the performance of the job factor under review and output frequently falls below acceptable levels. Tasks may be completed significantly late at times or may be incomplete, with serious or potentially serious consequences. 1 pt – Major Improvement Needed Work output is consistently low, regularly fails to meet required outcomes and error rate is high, requiring repetition of duty or completion by others. The team member may require constant supervision, and show an indifference to job responsibilities.

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Work quality refers to effort that consistently achieves desired outcomes with a minimum of avoidable errors and challenges. The team member’s work meets the requirements, expectations, or desired outcomes. Work is accurate and complete and completed in a timely manner. The work is done in an efficient and effective method.
Consider how the person uses available working time, plans and prioritizes work, sets and accomplishes goals, uses available resources, and completes assignments on schedule. The expected results are achieved in a timely and a safe manner. There is no need to have work redone due to inaccurate or unacceptable work. The team member seeks out additional tasks and projects to complete, or helps others to complete their tasks and projects.
The team member exhibits job-relevant knowledge and skill needed to perform the duties and requirements of the position. The team member exhibits knowledge of the methods, practices and equipment needed to do the job? Consider knowledge gained through experience, education, and specialized training. The team member seeks to maintain current knowledge of changes in policies and procedures. The team member keeps abreast of new developments and major issues in the field. Team member may at times be consulted by others for guidance.
The team member adjusts readily to changes. This team member initiates or recommends beneficial changes in work procedures. This team member readily accepts new assignments or temporary assignments outside the regular responsibilities. Consider willingness to learn quickly, to adapt to changes in job assignments, methods, personnel, or surroundings.
The team member is reliable in performing work assignments and carrying out instructions. Consider the degree of supervision required and the willingness to take on responsibilities and to be accountable for them. The team member is always punctual for appointments with team and clients.
The team member sees things to be done and then takes appropriate action without being so directed. Consider ability to contribute, develop and/or carry out new ideas or methods. Consider ability to be a self-starter, to offer suggestions, anticipate needs and to seek additional tasks as time permits.
The team member evaluates situations and makes sound decisions, and uses reasoning to identify, solve, and prevent challenges. The team member exhibits knowledge of the company's’ policies and procedures applicable to his/her assignment. The team member exhibits willingness to comply with all reasonable requirements.
The team member exhibits a good level of interpersonal skills and has a good working relationship with most of his/her peers, subordinates, supervisors, customers, and the general public. Consider respect and courtesy the team member shows to others, how the team member’s behavior affects the work area, and the willingness of the team member to accept supervision. The team member exhibits appropriate supportive behavior toward the organization and its customers. The team member is not involved in trivial disputes and misunderstandings; the team member exhibits willingness to work as a team member.
The team member continually reaches set goals, within predetermined timeframes and using agreed upon methods. The team member strives throughout the year to reach both long and short term goals. If team member does not believe they are going to attain the agreed upon results, he/she asks supervisor for input, as soon as a challenge is identified.
The team member is generally available for clients and potential clients during the weekdays. They are available as needed on weekends for open house coverage and/or client showings, as needed or requested by the team. Team member makes an honest attempt to be available to their clients and new clients during evenings, as needed.
Examples of reasons for giving this rating are: