7 Ways to
Invest in Yourself

According to personal development legend Jim Rohn, “to have
more than you’ve got, become more than you are.” That’s
where personal growth comes in. Personal development
includes activities that help you improve your hard and soft
skills, cultivate your talents and tap into your potential so you
can improve your overall quality of life. These aren’t one-time
activities; they involve a commitment you make to continue to
learn and grow in every stage of your life. Here’s how:
1. Take a class or seminar. Learning doesn’t need to stop
once you’ve graduated. Signing up for a class or seminar, either
online or in-person, gives you the opportunity to learn and grow
outside of the traditional confines of school. Enroll for a
workshop or webinar provided by a professional organization you
belong to or a personal interest or hobby group you enjoy.
Websites such as Coursera, Udemy and Skillshare allow you
to learn new skills and improve the ones you have.
2. Read. The most successful people carve time out of their days
to read. Not only does reading increase your knowledge, it also
improves your memory, vocabulary and focus, while sharpening
your analytical skills and reducing stress. Get recommendations
from friends or co-workers or check out the best-seller lists from
The New York Times or your local bookstore.
3. Watch a video. Many of us spend our evenings
relaxing in front of the television. Optimize your time and
watch a video from a leading personal development
expert, or expert in your field, and you’ll not only learn,
you’ll also become motivated to make lasting positive
changes in your life and at work. Also, watch inspirational
films that will leave you feeling uplifted and encouraged.
4. Listen to a podcast. Podcasts are a popular way to
listen and learn anywhere, whether you’re getting ready
for work, driving to the office or jogging on the treadmill
at the gym. There’s a podcast to fit all of your needs and
interests, whether you want to keep up on current
events, take charge of your finances, take your career to
the next level or enhance your spirituality.

5. Join a group or organization that allows you to
connect with other like-minded people who are committed to
growing personally or professionally. In addition to
networking, these organizations also provide opportunities to
take work-shops and classes, find a mentor and look for new
professional opportunities in your field.
6. Get a mentor. If you want to get ahead in your career, a
mentor can help you improve your self-confidence, tap into your
potential and find balance in your life. Since they don’t have a
personal stake in your success, they’ll provide unbiased
feedback as they share their experiences and offer tips and
encouragement to help you thrive. Find a mentor through your
professional organization or ask someone in your company or
industry who models the traits you’d like to hone and/or has
achieved the level of success you’d like to reach.
7. Volunteer. Volunteering is a great way to give back to your
community while refining skills and traits, such as team-work,
empathy and communication. In addition to improving existing
talents, you may also learn new skills to apply in your line of
work. If you’re starting a new career or have moved to a new

area, volunteering allows you to get experience and expand your
network. Serving others not only nurtures positive feelings, it also
lowers the risk of depression and reduces stress.
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Why Commit
to Personal

Discover your purpose. Your purpose helps give your life and
goals meaning. When you commit to learning, you’ll discover your
strengths, improve your skills and find what makes you happy. For
example, you may discover you feel invigorated teaching others. With
this in mind, you can find or create opportunities to express your
purpose, whether it’s teaching a lunchtime workshop at your office or
coordinating a new youth program within your community.

Gain clarity and focus. It’s easy to feel adrift, especially if you’re
unhappy or frustrated with certain areas of your life. For example, if
you’re burdened by debt, you may lose sight of your goal to get out of
debt. Commitment to learning helps you focus on the things you need
to do to achieve your goals. If your goal is to get your financial house
in order, focus your growth on resources that help you get out of debt
and improve your financial security.
Become more resilient. Life can change in an instant, and the
most resilient people are able to recover from challenges or setbacks
they face. When life throws you a curve ball, a commitment to learning
will help you deal with it effectively, and even grow from it, because
you’ll have developed confidence in your skills and expertise. You’ll feel
empowered and in control over your actions and decisions.
Improve your attitude. Studies show the more optimistic
you are, the more successful you’ll be.* Why? Optimistic people
feel their actions and habits will impact their success. Their
sunny disposition makes them feel more in control of their lives.
Since they tend to be happier than their more negative peers,
people like them and want to see them succeed.

*Source: Goodthink.com

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