- Do you have someone who just gives you solutions or just brings you the problems?

- Never settle for someone who gives you pieces of your job back; get someone who shares in your goals and vision to get the job done.

- Make sure you have someone who knows what they want or is always looking for it; don't get stuck with someone who always seems lost.

- Wouldn't you love to have someone on your team who pushes you, challenges your thinking, and always wants to raise the bar?

- Require that your people associate themselves without Talented individuals so that they're always attracting more talent.

- Talent isn't afraid to fail. The quicker they fail, the quicker they grow.



- Be aware that the people around you follow your intensity.

- Never stop pouring into your people.

- Know when your team members need recovery time.

- Putting people in the right roles is key; even talented people can only stretch so far and will eventually snap when the pressure is high if they aren't in the right role.

- A good match to a role maximizes a person's strengths and they are in the best position to succeed.

- Constantly gauge your Talent's level of engagement and productivity.

- Find your talent the right coach to help them grow.